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To protect online gamblers by providing accurate information about the
honesty and integrity of gaming web sites and by
mediating between concerned
players and gambling companies in case of disputes.


We are a consumer protection group made up of players like you, monitoring
the state of the on-line gaming industry to help players make educated and
fulfilling gaming decisions.


The Internet is changing the way people gamble all over the world. With a
simple click you’re automatically transported
to sports books and casinos all
over the web. How do you know whom you can trust and who is out to rip you off?

This is an entirely unregulated industry. Anyone with a computer and a Internet
connection can set up a casino to steal your money. Also
many casinos offer
deceptive advertising practices and unorthodox cash out conditions in their fine
The Electronic Gaming Commission offers information about reliable and
trustworthy gaming operators. The gaming sites listed
on this site carry the
Electronic Gaming Commission’s approval as trustworthy web sites.The Electronic
Gaming Commission helps players in case of disputes with online gambling


Gaming site operators have to apply for the commission’s approval to carry
our official seal on their web site. We employ
several testers who sign up at
the applicant’s web site incognito. If the site performs well, lives up to its
promises, pays out winnings and does business in an honest and reliable fashion,
it gets the commission’s seal of approval.

Approval seals are given for one year and the site is tested several times
throughout the year.Any fraudulent use of the commission’s official seal will
result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law and will also be reported
on these pages.


It’s as reliable as asking a friend about his gaming experience. The
Electronic Gaming Commission is a consumer protection group and not an on-line
gaming industry lobby or gaming groups action committee.


The Electronic Gaming Commission receives is a non-profit organization. We’re
funded by advertising revenues. However we only accept advertisements from our
approved sites.


If you’re a web site operator or webmaster of casino affiliate programs get your
site approved If you’re an online gamer

read about our approved sites



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